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The power of technology.

Smart Hospitality offers WiFi solutions utilizing power cloud technology. CloudCommand leverages the power of Cloud Virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the most advanced and complete networking stack to build wired and wireless networks with all the features and robustness required by the enterprise, without the cost, complexity or overhead imposed by legacy solutions. The CloudCommand approach enables the rapid deployment of high-density, low cost networks to support the growing mobile population with diverse and demanding connectivity requirements for both corporate and public access. The CloudCommand platform is the result of years of development and a strong intellectual property foundation with patented innovations in the areas of virtualized network controllers, usable security, adaptive communication protocols and multi-tenant architecture. 

Wi-Fi Mobility and the Power of the Cloud at the Lowest Cost.

CloudCommand Enterprise is a Wi-Fi system of versatile, high-capacity and affordable access points centrally deployed, secured, and managed via a 100% cloud-based environment. CloudCommand Enterprise wireless system is designed to satisfy the needs of environments characterized by the proliferation of personal mobile devices and demanding high data transfer rates across a large number of concurrent connections. Its low cost of acquisition, ease and flexibility of deployment, and ubiquitous manageability, allow for the creation of high-density, small-cell deployments with high bandwidth throughput that are reliable and consistent in performance, low in TCO and ready to scale on demand. Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, conference centers, assisted living facilities and apartment buildings, are some of the environments where CloudCommand Enterprise delivers complete end-user satisfaction while maintaining the highest performance/cost in the industry.



Manage Control and Bandwidth.

Smart Hospitality also offers WiFi management solutions to hotels of all sizes. The tiered-bandwidth solution provides hotels an easy way to offer their guests high-speed connections at a specified rate. With ValuePoint Gateway Controllers, a user can log in to the web portal and see a variety of options. Premium Internet choices allow users to access the internet with speed connections ideal for streaming video and other content. All models support flexible local and RADIUS based authentication for paid, pass code, or free-to-guest access along with terms of use. Meet all hotel brand standards.

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